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Autor : C. H. Kang - Ethel R. Nelson

  • EAN / ISBN 9780570037927
  • Verlag Concordia
  • Artikelnr. CONCO3013

This linguistic analysis of the Chinese language suggests theancient Chinese were well aware of the God of Abraham. Readers will discover the possibility that the Chinese were a remnant of the Tower of Babel dispersion. „The authors start with the observance of some astonishing points ofcorrespondence between certain characters in the Chinese language and elements of the Genesis account of man’s early beginnings. They go on to analyze dozens of the ideographic pictures that make up words in the Chinese language. The evidence they compile supports the thesis that the ancient picture writing of the Chinese language embodies memories ofman’s earliest days. The characters when broken down into component parts, reflect elements of the story ofGod and man recorded in the early chapters of Genesis. Man and woman, the garden, the institution of marriage, the temptation and fall, death, Noah’s flood, the towerof Babel they are all there in the tiny drawings and strokes that make up the Chinese characters.“ (From the foreword by Paul Zimmerman)


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